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17 Dec 2017

About us

since 1985 and started to provide the service and quality before saying bow our company operates in the sector. Our company provide high-quality service and products with other companies in the sector in the short time has managed to rise. A wide range of spring in our company is engaged in the production of our products are cnc machine tools, precision tolerance values are manufactured. Sea bow ; rapidly developing technology, while the professional staff of painstaking work, in principle, business ethics, in addition to investments, placing emphasis on the growth path is gone. A commitment to work, producing and delivering of high quality with the purpose of working in their fields of activity in the course of time trying to expand.


  • DENIZYAY Automotive Quality System ISO/TS 16949:2009 document.
    DENIZYAY Automotive Quality System ISO/TS 16949:2009 document.

    Deniyay Automotive Quality System ISO/TS 16949:2009 for years as the supplier of his global automotive industry in that place once more confirmed.

  • Measurement technology, we continue to closely follow

    Yay, designed specially for the measurement of 3D computer-controlled investment dimensional measurement device by performing a measurement of our expertise and our capacity, we continue to maintaining the highest levels of

  • Bruderer Technology is now in Denizyay

    The world's fastest Machine (known as BRUDERER technology, adding to our customers different types of product demands a minimum price maximum quality and can meet with competence, we have reached.

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The following issues are familiar to many of you ?

  • Bow your supplier, you are having difficulty in answer to ?
  • They will supply you the products that will be shipped when the great effort to find out whether the supplies ?
  • Delays you live ?
  • Products from time to time outside of specification ?
  • Available to support the design of your supplier or the cost-cutting idea does not ?

If any one of them if your answer is YES to DENIZYAY work for you is a very easy solution partner will


  • Deniz Yay Belge
  • Deniz Yay Belge
  • Deniz Yay Belge
  • Deniz Yay Belge
  • Deniz Yay Belge
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